A Festive Christmas! What Cities Celebrate It The Best?

It’s time for the holidays! We hope you’ve already gotten your plans ready and done since we’re already into the month of December itself.  But in the events that you haven’t yet and are in need of a place to get to for the holidays, you’re in luck. We’ve got your back.

If you are looking for a festive type of Christmas vacation, then look no further and prepare your tickets and luggage. Here are the festive places that celebrate the best Christmas!

Bruges, Belgium

Have you ever seen those movies or photos that are so iconic for Christmas? With cobblestone streets and shimmering lights? Well, Bruges is basically that and more. You can go celebrate your Christmas in the most traditional sense and then go ice-skating later. They have that.


This year, you’re going to need shades in Tokyo. Yes, even at night. Because they’re going to compete with their best decorations. Tokyo is going to do that thing where they decorate every single surface with fairy lights, basically blinding us with silver and twinkly blue lights. And I’m actually excited for it.

Quebec City, Canada

Another traditional and typical Christmas-esque place with its cobblestone streets and delicious bistros that you could go to for lunch and dinner! Except, this time, it’s placed here in Canada. If you happen to live in Canada or you’re conveniently near there, drop by for a visit on Christmas!

Salzburg, Austria

This place is like Bruges and Quebec City, except with MORE pasties and sing-alongs down the streets plus castles to ogle at. If you’ve seen photos of this place, then you might even liken it a fantasy Christmas city, one that should NOT exist but DOES.


For the people who only want to crawl into a bar during Christmas and drink your holidays away into the night and in the morning, then Dublin is the city for you! Don’t get us wrong, this place is full of holiday cheer just as much as the ones above, but it’s especially proud of its wonderful bars. If you just want to drink, then we feel you.

Cape Town

Sick of winter during Christmas? We got you! In Cape Town, you can celebrate your Christmas vacation in a summer-like way and ditch all the winter clothing. Sometimes snow just gets out of hand and even if it’s part of Christmas, we get sick of it every single year. So change it up by being in a festive summer city for the holidays!


Of course the city of love is also a perfect place for the holidays. It’s another one of your typical traditional Christmas city, all beautiful and all magical. Except this time it’s French. It’s absolutely wonderful. Don’t hesitate to give this one a visit. Actually, stay for the rest of the holidays if you like!