A Memorable Summer! Tips For Your Summer 2020

Tired of just doing your default summer activities? The kinds that you just end up doing after ditching your “I’m definitely going to do these stuff this summer” plans? Well, it’s time to ditch THAT habit. Now that you have a great amount of time to plan and to save money before summer comes this 2020, it’s time that you actually do something fun and productive for 2020’s summer vacation.

Don’t just fall back into your habit of staying in bed all day binge-watching Netflix. You are missing out on LIVING, my friend. (Not that I’m any better, mind you)

So here are some of the interesting suggestions you can do for summer of next year.

Go to India – explore their culture and volunteer with the underprivileged kids

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s big and it has a lot of people. Friendly and amazing people. But underneath that is a lot of people suffering not unlike the ones we have in our own countries. Except India has more underprivileged children than most countries do. And they are often working more than they are learning what kids are supposed to be learning. Instead of wasting your summer wasting away, use that free time to volunteer and help kids in India.

Explore Thailand – feed elephants and dive into turquoise waters

Thailand is another country with lots of beautiful beaches and wonders that would take you more than just one single summer to get through. The best part about this country is that you could feed elephants up close and personal. And after that, you get to dive into waters that don’t seem real because of how beautiful and clear they are.

Visit The Himalayas – teach the kids in Kathmandu and soak in the Himalayan vibe

Time to climb mountains! As a fellow blob of laziness, climbing mountains sound like a nightmare. But not when you get to experience this place and then get to teach little ones in Kathmandu. You get to brag to them about your experience in climbing one of their mountains. And even if climbing these mountains sound scary, the thought of actually doing so and achieving since an exciting shiver down our spines.

Experience Tanzania – make a difference through volunteering

Want to finally see a big cat in real life? In Tanzania, you can. Experience the wilderness like how you would see in movies as much as you want. And after wards, offer yourself to volunteer work. It’s only natural. After all, if you’re planning on visiting these amazing countries and witness their appeal, you should pay back in this generous way. At least that’s my opinion.

Why should you spend your next summer in what is already so common? Be nice and offer yourself to some charity and volunteering instead.