First Time Travelling Alone? Here Are Valuable Tips First!

Congratulations on having the opportunity to travel in the first place. And now that you can go alone, and it’s your first time, know some useful tips that might help you along the way. You never know that you might be facing something you haven’t thought to face before. It never hurts to be prepared in these sorts of situations, especially if you’re leaving the county ALONE.

Books your flights through comparison sites

It might be in your best interest to get comparisons about your flights. You won’t even have to do it yourself because there are several sites that do the flights comparisons for you. They also tell you about other options so you won’t have to worry about thinking too much.

Choose a place that you feel safe and comfortable

You’re going to be travelling ALONE. Are you sure you’re willing to go to place you’re interested in but aren’t sure if they’re even safe? There are some countries that, even if they are completely okay and has a lot of friendly locals, just don’t make us feel comfortable being there. Don’t risk that. Go for a country or city you know you’ll be comfortable in.

Plan and a backup plan

You can’t just leave your house without a semblance of a plan. You will be travelling to a different country, of course you have a plan. That’s great and dandy. But to be safe, have a backup plan. Both plans should have things about where you will go and what you will do plus some emergency happenings that need to be looked at.

Books hotels in advance

This to lessen the stress of travelling. This is so when you arrive in Australia, for example, you won’t have to worry about LOOKING for a place to stay in. you are better off just booking online so you can just head straight to one of those villas in Byron Bay right away when landed.

Talk to people

It’s understandable to be shy or scared, especially since you would be somewhere you aren’t familiar with, nor are they people that could possibly speak the same language as you. But you would be surprised with how pleasant and helpful most of the locals actually are. Make friends along the way too.

Let someone know where you are

This is to ensure your safety. In the horrible event that something were to happen to you, there has to be someone from home that knows where you last were. This is also to ease their worries.

Don’t draw attention to yourself

You don’t want to have that much attention aimed at you, especially at a country you don’t really know. Aside from it helping you not embarrass yourself, it’s also so you don’t attract thieves of bad people. You know what I’m talking about.

Go with your instinct

Unless your instinct is completely and utterly wrong. Most of the time though, it’s right.